Hand-Drawn Concepts

We start by coming up with concepts based on the requirements and details you list in the design brief. This is the best time to make changes to the design.

hand-drawn mascot design

Completed Hand-Sketched Design

Based on your feedback we will make adjustments to the design until it fully meets your requirements. BY this stage the design will be 95% completed.

hand-sketched mascot design


The key to any well designed mascot is shadowing. During this step we complete all of the shadowing showing where the light and darker areas of the mascot will be.

mascot design shading

Vectorising & Colouring

Next we take the hand-drawn and shaded design onto the computer by tracing the design in Adobe Illustrator. We then complete the colouring of your design.

mascot vectorising

Completed Mascot Character

Your mascot is now completely finished and ready to be used to enhance your brand. We will prepare and send all of the file formats you require including .eps, .ai, .png & .jpg

completed mascot design


Our mascot design service comes packed with many features as standard

custom mascot design

Custom Design

Your mascot will be designed from scratch to your requirements. We first start with traditional pencil and paper for the concepts and then take that to the Adobe Illustrator to vectorize and color the design.

hand drawn mascot design

Hand Drawn Design

After receiving your briefing we begin to design your custom mascot concept using pencil and paper. This allows changes to be made easily. Only once we've got a 95% perfect design we take it to the computer.

mascot design with exclusive rights

Full Copyright Owned By You

The mascot we design will be completely custom to you and your business. We also include exclusive and full copyright rights to you as part of our mascot design service.

file formats

All File Formats Provided

We can provide your finished mascot design in any file format you need. By default we we provide .ai, .eps (vector - perfect for print), .jpg, .png (perfect for the web) file formats.

we practise what we preach

We Practise What We Preach

A mascot brings many benefits to your business. We created the Zomex mascot a year into starting our business and the results can be seen by searching for "Zomex" on Google.

Jack redesigned our website for our electrical company that had started to not work. We are very pleased with the results so far. It looks professional and appealing to the eye.
Michelle Baldwin - Earthed Electricx

Why Choose Zomex?

We are the perfect choice to design your custom mascot


15 Years Design Experience

We have been providing high quality custom mascot design services since 2009 and have worked with hundreds of businesses from around the world during this time.

VAT Free

VAT Free Design

The majority of our clients are from outside of the UK. This means that while our UK income is under the VAT fresh-hold you can save up to 20% with VAT free mascot design.

no hidden costs

No Hidden Costs

We have heard too many stories about local providers constantly increasing renewal prices or creating large invoices for SSL. At Zomex we are very up-front with pricing.

affordable services

Affordable Mascot Design

We are passionate about providing affordable mascot design to local businesses. At Zomex we feel that we provide one of the best value and feature-rich mascot design services in Kent.

reliable support

Reliable Support

We have been providing mascot design for over 15 years. During that time we have answered over 10,000 support tickets and have achieved an overall feedback rating of 9.7/10.

Our Work

Here are some of the custom mascots we have created

custom mascot design Ashford, Kent
Hello, my name is Zomex
custom mascot design Ashford, Kent
Hello, I am TemplateGenie
custom mascot design Ashford, Kent
Nice to meet you, I'm Wiz


Our most asked questions

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What is the mascot design process?

Once you have created your quote request we will review your requirements and provide a free no-obligation quote. We will then start the design process by hand sketching designs which will be provided for your feedback. Once you have agreed on a design we will then work towards a finished hand-drawn mascot. Once the finished design has been approved by you we will then move onto making the design digital and applying colors. The result will be a completely custom mascot designed specifically for your business based on your requirements.

Mascot Design Ashford, Kent

A mascot is a very powerful tool to enhance your brand with an engaging and memorable character. A well designed mascot can create a link to your business and encourage a much stronger brand perception with your customer's.

We provide a completely custom mascot design service bringing your idea into reality with our easy to use mascot design service. Request a free quote to get started.