We have had the pleasure of working with many local businesses within Kent.

Let's talk about Jack at Zomex.  I have been using his services for 14 years and it's simply just the best and great pricing as well. Great communication, even with the time distance. He listens to you and works on what you need to get done. I would highly recommend him to anyone who makes their living off of your website. He's the the top dog of anything wordpress! Banner design, custom web design, excellent website hosting and website back up, website security as well, It's the total package, if you're a website business owner.
Jeff Waschbüsch - Antler Chews
We hired Jack at Zomex to design our logo and build our website to assist with marketing strategies such as SEO. Reliable and affordable service, would certainly hire the team again. Nothing was too much trouble. I recommended wholeheartedly
Phil Meads - Elements Of Nature
Jack redesigned our website for our electrical company that had started to not work. We are very pleased with the results so far. It looks professional and appealing to the eye.
Michelle Baldwin - Earthed Electricx
Awesome hosting service! Jack uses LiteSpeed servers (9 times faster than Apache). And what can I say about the support? Direct, helpful and immediate solution to your problem.
Steve Shearer - wpwebsitehub.com
We have two domains registered with Zomex, as well as website hosting. We haven't had any issue with anything. The whole Zomex team was always helpful when I wanted to add or remove services it was done immediately. Tech Support is always very prompt in handling my tickets. I've checked out several companies before and Zomex so far gets an A rating! I recently moved from godaddy to zomex cause Zomex prices and support are far better then any other company we have ever used. Their hosting servers are very quick and are never over filled!
Design Cloud Nine - designcloudnine.net
I have make business with Jack and hes really friendly and helpful I can't believe how fast my questions were answered! He gave me support on time, answer all my questions and have a solution for everything. I highly recommend their services.
Jeury - myhoststar.com
Jack and the Zomex team never fail to amaze me with the knowledge base and speed of support. Your actions today reminded me of why I chose to use your services in the first place. It is always good to be able to say that I have learned so much from your Zomex Lab and your support emails. I will continue to tell others about your company because there are very few if any like yours. I actually feel like the success of my small company is important to you.
Leonard - cozy-web-designs.com
I have found the support I get from Zomex is very timely, helpful and always done in a friendly manner. I can't recommend this service highly enough.
Robyn Hannah - nrie.com.au
I have been looking for quite a while trying to find a new web hosting company, who offers a high level of service, state of the art servers, superb speed and above all, a customer service that actually talks to you like a human being, is willing to help if they can, and all at a decent price. I've finally found it in Zomex, but don't just take my word for it, just read all the other testimonials on here.
Gary - wheatley-golfclub-juniors.co.uk
So far my experience with Zomex has been great! The uptime on the server's is amazing, so far I have not had any downtime. Jack is always willing to help and he's a great and friendly guy to do business with. Thanks so much Zomex!
Keenan - startplayingdrums.com
Well folks, If you're trying to decide between Godaddy or another hosting place choose Zomex! They will take care of your problem for you! I would like to thank Jack for moving my site off of Godaddy for me and backing up my forums all onto his hosting service for FREE! This service is great, so think before you choose Godaddy to host your website. Godaddy is great at domains, but horrible at hosting, they have NO flexibility for you to manage your site. In Godaddy you have to go to their website and login to their hosting account servers to manage your website. In Zomex just type in your webbrowser: yourdomain.com/cpanel/ Seriously, it's as simple as that. No matter which plan you choose with Zomex you will be as satisfied as you possibly could be! - Very satisfied customer
Jake Andersen - randumz.net
I am newbie in terms of technical terms of making a website and everything was all messed up since i am just starting to make my own website. But, Jack really helped me a lot. he fixed everything. I would say thanks a million to him. Great Job Zomex. I would recommend Zomex to some of my friends who are planning to make a website someday. Thank you
Mark Villanueva - thetalkmark.com
I prefer Zomex over any others for SO many reasons. First and foremost, Jack is honest and accessible. He is 'hype' free made the process of setting-up simple and easy. If I have an issue, I know exactly who to contact - it can be by facebook, email, or service ticket - he is always near! Also, I was able to try his web hosting before paying a dime - only someone who is sure and confident of the quality can do that. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Zomex and I tell anyone who asks who I use for hosting and why. Over the years I have tried many hosting companies. Some were horrible, some were okay, but without a doubt - Zomex stand mountains above the rest in service, quality, and value.
Dana Stanley - ez411.info
Thanks for checking in to ask that all is well with my Zomex web hosting account Jack. I can tell you it is great. No problems here. I particularly like your attention to providing top-notch customer service. You'll remember I've sent a support ticket once to you and that was answered so quickly it was almost scary. My site hosted with you offers other webmasters an advertising portal so a good uptime is very important to me. I therefore do monitor this and I'm pleased to tell you that there has been zero downtime since the site went live. That's unheard of. A big ZERO downtime, and at such a low price. I can't sing your praises enough.
Andrew Barnes - imscrum.com
The performance of your servers are excellent. Page loads are very quick from cPanel and my static HTML and LAMP applications. Email performance is also excellent, which is very important to me. Your personal responses to my pre sales and post sales questions were fast and friendly. It is good to see a quality hosting company with an offering at this price point. Many users do not require the "massive" bandwidth or storage offered by others as 'entry level' at 2 or 3 times the cost.. Well done to Zomex! You will be recommended.
Karl Krueger - robinbear.com