A website is inexpensive to run, can be accessed 24/7 and has the potential to generate your business leads into great sales.

Here at Zomex we create websites that are designed to both generate your business leads and sales. The website we design for you will be fully coded from scratch, with XHTML/CSS, meeting the W3C web standards and unique to your business.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we research your business needs before even starting to design your website. All of the websites we design are Search Engine Optimised. This is very important because a nice looking website doesn't serve its purpose unless it receives targeted traffic (visitors).


unique web design

Custom design

All of the websites we design are made from scratch with XHTML/CSS and 100% unique to your business. We do not use any templates or pre-configured systems to create your website.

Static or CMS based

Option for a CMS (ability to manage yourself) website

We can work with static websites or Wordpress depending on your requirements. Wordpress is software that allows you to edit your website yourself, without any coding experience.

Responsive web design

Supports mobiles, tablets and desktops

All of the websites we design are responsive meaning that they respond automatically to fit the device (e.g smart phone, tablet etc) being used to view it. This means your website will support all devices from a desktop computer to a iPhone.

website design rights

Full rights to the design

Once we have received your payment we will hand over full rights to the website that we design for you.

website seo optimized

Search engine friendly

All of our web designs come with our Search Engine Optimisation package included! Our SEO package is perfect for giving your website a boost in the search engines. After all there isn't any point in a fantastic looking website unless its produces results.

W3C compliant code

W3C compliant code

The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium for web standards. They have guidelines for every type of markup/programming language to ensure the quality of the web is high. All of our code passes the standards set by the W3C to ensure browser consistency and general high quality.


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Order package

We offer 3 web design packages to choose from based on your website requirements. These packages come with everything you need to have a website created and made live on the Internet. Feel free to contact us if you're unsure which package is right for you. If you can't find the package you're looking you can Request a free quote.


Business package


Enterprise package


Corporate package


Recent work

Bob Jones Ashford

complete custom website complete custom website

Custom PSD design, HTML5/CSS

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complete custom website complete custom website complete custom website

Custom PSD design, HTML5/CSS, Wordpress integration

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complete custom website complete custom website complete custom website complete custom website

HTML5/CSS, custom design, WHMCS integration, responsive, custom WHMCS checkout

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complete custom website complete custom website complete custom website complete custom website

HTML5/CSS, custom design, WHMCS integration, responsive, custom WHMCS checkout

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These are just a few of the websites we've designed!



I ordered Jack's (Zomex) services for a custom website design. He did a fantastic job, and was always willing to work with any suggestions we threw at him. His communication is consistent, friendly, and professional. If you're looking for a professional website design, then I highly recommend using Zomex. You know you're in good hands by doing so. Posted on webhostingtalk.com

Cameron | Boasthosting.com

I needed someone to do it all; build my website, integrate it with WHMCS, configure my WHMCS and make it all automated. After looking around I came across Zomex. I looked no further and couldn't be more happy! Jack did exactly what I needed and in record time. My project was treated as though it was their very own. The service at Zomex is second to none. Look no further than Zomex for your next project. You WILL be satisfied!

Steven Ring | Capturedhost.com


Responsive website

The custom website we build for you will be fully responsive meaning it'll automatically adjust to fit the the device your visitor is using to view your website. So on a desktop computer it'll show the full scale view and on a smart-phone such as the iPhone it will scale down to fit the screen. This means your website will support all devices from desktop computers to smart phones.

Optimised for search engines

Your website will be created in a way that is friendly to the search engines. We will ensure that the website we build you not only looks good but is also in the best place to generate visitors from the top search engines such as Google & Bing.

Personal emails

Your email says a lot about you and your business. Our website package will allow you to create an unlimited amount of personalised emails for your business. This will allow you to show your customer's that you are a professional and trustworthy business. For example you will be able to create:


Instead of:


This is especially important when it comes to brick and mortar businesses who have to display their email on local advertising.

One year free hosting & website address

Every website online requires web hosting. Web hosting is the name gives to "hosting" website files on a server and making them available to visitors to access around the world by visiting your website address.

For example someone visits yourgreatbusiness.co.uk, the images/pages of your website will be loaded from your web hosting account. Our web design package includes both the website address and web hosting free for one year. After the first year the cost for both is only £30/year.

Wordpress or static website

Static website

A static website is a website made up of HTML coded pages this format is how websites have been created since the start of the Internet. This format will ensure that your website is lightning fast and professional. The negative of this format is editing your website has to be done by someone with experience of HTML code. This isn't a problem if your website won't need to be updated very often but for a website that requires a lot of changes it can be a hassle.


Wordpress is a all-in-one software that allows you to edit your website easily without any coding of prior experience. Wordpress is installed on your web hosting account and we will then develop your website to run on Wordpress. The benefit of this format is it will allow you to make edits to your website yourself without the need to hire us each time you wish to make a update. It's also the best option if your website requires a lot of specific functionality for example a gallery showing your past work, a quote request form etc


Social network profile creation

Utilising social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) to promote your business and grow an audience is vital in todays world. We will create the social networks and integrate them with your website allowing you to harness the power of social networks for your business.