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Hire Zomex to handle the maintenance & security of your website.


Business website maintenance package

Perfect for start-ups and small businesses

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Comapny website maintenance package

Perfect for medium sized businesses/websites

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Enterprise website maintenance package

Perfect for large businesses/websites.

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Our website maintenance service comes packed with many premium features as standard

Development Time

Development Time

Our website maintenance packages include development time which can be used for enhancing your website whether with content updates, new pages and/or new features.

WordPress or HTML

WordPress Or HTML

We can take over the maintenance of your website whether it's running WordPress or is built using HTML. Here at Zomex we have vast experience with both types of website.

Security Review

Security Review

We believe maintenance and security go hand in hand as website that is not maintained will become a security risk overtime. Our packages include a free yearly review.

WordPress Updated

WordPress Updated

It is vital that WordPress is kept up to date to ensure the reliability and security of your website. Our maintenance packages include WordPress updates as standard.

Theme Updates

Theme Updates

It is vital that your WordPress theme is kept up to date to ensure the reliability and security of your website. Our maintenance packages include theme updates as standard.

Plugin Updates

Plugin Updates

It is vital that your WordPress plugins are kept up to date to ensure the reliability and security of your website. Our maintenance packages include plugin updates as standard.

Website Maintenance Package

Everything Included

Our website maintenance service is an all-inclusive package that includes everything you need to keep your website reliable, secure and updated to stay relevant.

Jack redesigned our website for our electrical company that had started to not work. We are very pleased with the results so far. It looks professional and appealing to the eye.
Michelle Baldwin - Earthed Electricx
custom WordPress website maintenance Ashford Kent


Hire Zomex to maintain your WordPress Website

WordPress is free and open source CMS (Content Management System) that is used by an astonishing 80% of websites. What makes WordPress so special is that it allows you to manage your website easily thanks to the admin panel. Using the admin panel you can update/add text, edit the menu, create new pages/posts, upload images & more. WordPress also offers thousands of free plugins which add extra features allowing you to create any type of website. WordPress can also be used to manage your Ecommerce website thanks to the free and easy to use eCommerce plugin, Woocommerce.

While WordPress is powerful thanks to the built-in software features, plugins and themes it must be maintained and kept up to date. If WordPress is left running an old version it will become increasingly insecure over time.

custom HTML website maintenance Ashford Kent


Hire Zomex to maintain your HTML Website

A HTML website, otherwise known as static comes with many benefits over using software such as WordPress. A HTML website is lightning fast and completely maintenance free as it doesn't rely on software which has to be updated. A HTML website is the perfect choice if you require a website that you don't want to update yourself or frequently.

A HTML website must still be maintained to ensure any dynamic content is secure (PHP, Javascript) and is following current web standards.

Why Choose Zomex?

We are the perfect choice to maintain your website


15 Years Website Experience

We have been providing creating & maintaining websites since 2009 and have worked with hundreds of businesses using many different platforms based on each client's requirements.

VAT Free

VAT Free Web Design

The majority of our clients are from outside of the UK. This means that while our UK income is under the VAT fresh-hold you can save up to 20% with VAT free website maintenance.

no hidden costs

No Hidden Costs

We have heard too many stories about local providers constantly increasing renewal prices or creating large invoices for SSL. At Zomex we are very up-front with pricing.

affordable services

Affordable Website Maintenance

We are passionate about providing affordable website maintenance to local businesses. At Zomex we feel that we provide one of the best value and feature-rich maintenance services in Kent.

reliable support

Reliable Support

We have been providing website maintenance for over 15 years. During that time we have answered over 10,000 support tickets and have achieved an overall feedback rating of 9.7/10.

Our Clients

Here are just some of the websites that we maintain

website maintenance Ashford Kent Elements Of Nature
website maintenance Ashford Kent Ashbourne Self Assessment Services
website maintenance Ashford Kent Earthed Electricx
website maintenance Ashford Kent Decorative Gold
website maintenance Ashford Kent CouponCrave


Our most asked questions

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How does the maintenance hours work?

Our maintenance packages include a set amount of hours which can be used for development/content updates. These are reset each year.

Which type of websites can be maintained?

We can maintain any website whether it's built using WordPress or custom HTML/PHP.

Website Maintenance Ashford, Kent

A website is a vital part of any business, it is vital that a website is maintained over time. This ensures the reliability, security and relavance of your website going forward. At Zomex we have many years experience of maintaining websites and can maintain your site no matter which platform it has been built using. We make the process as easy as possible by offering 3 website maintenance packages. We can also provide you with a free quote based on your requirements.